#19 Gaya Herrington | Limiting Growth

1 min de lecture
Limiting Growth
Gaya Herrington
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Entretien enregistré le 8 novembre 2022

Gaya Herrington is Vice-President of ESG Research at Schneider Electric and she also serves as Advisor to the Club of Rome. Previously she worked as a Director at KPMG and Economic Policy Advisor and international Financial Regulator at the Dutch Central Bank.

Gaya’s research was first published in 2020. It went viral after it revealed empirical data tracked closely with the predictions of the World 3 model, which was introduced in the 1972 best seller The Limits to Growth.

Earlier this year she published her first book, Five Insights for Avoiding Global Collapse, which contains an exclusive research update based on 2022 data.

In the upcoming conversation, Gaya talks about the urgent need to limit growth and to reconnect humanity with itself through renewed narratives.

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  1. What a great conversation!
    I loved the whole thing, especially the insightful connections between the macro-level and the micro-level perspectives. Yes, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. And yes, care should be the heart of the economy.
    Thank you Thomas and Gaya for all the insights!

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